New Business

New Business Services

If you have attempted to start a new business, you may already know that it entails an enourmous amount of work.  There are numerous forms to fill out and fees to pay. Meanwhile, you may also be getting offers by private agencies that might direct you to buy their services or products. Since the process of starting any business, most entrepreneurs end up spending money on items that are not really necessary.

So, What if you hired your accountant to help you start a new business?

With our expertise in accounting, tax and related legal process, we can help you start a new business on a solid ground without hassle.

Below is the list of things we can provide:

  • Forming¬† new business structures (LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships and more)
  • Applying for Federal Identification numbers
  • Elections for S-Corp Tax Treatment
  • Creating Operating Aggreements
  • Applying for payroll and related identification numbers
  • Applying for Sales Tax Number
  • Consultation regarding the best business entity for you

Have any other questions? Feel free to contact us today.

Let us help you start a new business the right way!